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eterselie, oyster mushrooms, kombucha, lettuce mix, Japanese mustard lettuce (mizuna) or broccoli microgreens; this is a random sample of our range of products we b(r)ow. In fact, we grow and sell only what we ourselves also prefer to eat, or drink. And then of the best and purest quality. More local than this is almost impossible, unless you have your own vegetable garden of course….. Everything is produced on the old Campina site at Kanaaldijk Zuid in Eindhoven. With care and love for each other, for our own bodies and yours.

We particularly grow green vegetables, such as various lettuces, kale and celery, because they are chock-full of fantastic vitamins. Green vegetables are, in our opinion, the healers among vegetables, and more and more research is proving it. Are you doing a cerely cleanse? Take our celery; because although we may not give it a name, it is absolutely produced without any pesticides or additives to the already perfect circular process. Our fish feed the water, and that water must remain super clean to keep those same fish healthy. So no jams in our greens.

A new young addition to the range are microgreens, or microgreens in Dutch. Very young plantlets bursting with nutrients, going into your body in 1 bite. They are beautiful to look at and liven up any dish, taste deliciously crunchy and even a little spicy, and are just super happy little creatures. And speaking of creatures; this also brings us to another new young addition to our health range, namely kombucha. For those who have never heard of this; kombucha is a fermented tea, where a “scoby” (a culture) converts sugar tea into amino acids, thus becoming a tremendously healthy drink for your gut. It has many health benefits and has long been picked up by a larger group of people concerned with health. For ourselves, combined with sparkling spring water, it has become a fresh drink that also happens to be healthy.

As you might read between the lines, we take enormous pride in our range of (micro) vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and other healthy products. On top of that, we believe and feel that every plant is important, as is every person who works with us or takes from us. Research has also already shown that the intention and “energy” we put into food substantially affects the structure of our food. We are aware of this, and therefore work with a positive intention and energy in our Aquaponic Farm. ‘Love’ is not on the ingredient list, but is secretly in it!


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