Phood Care

Helping each other towards a positive and creative solution. Naast gezondheid en duurzaamheid is zorgen voor elkaar en elkaars welzijn een belangrijke focus binnen Phood Farm. We are a social enterprise and offer people with a distance to the labor market opportunities for development and growth. Read more about care below.

Sustainable growth of people

At Phood Farm we care not only about sustainable growth of our plants, but just as much about ‘sustainable growth’ of people. This means that we want the best for everyone who visits us. And in particular for the people who work for us. Phood Farm works with people with a distance to the labor market. That distance can be large or small, but an important goal of ours is to at least make it smaller within the period that someone is with us.

How do we do that? Through a pleasant working environment, in which you are seen and can be yourself, and are given space to grow. All our work supervisors have extensive experience with their own personal development and in the professional field. We employ an Ambulatory counselor, Psychologist and Tai Chi Chi Kung coaches. The years of experience, knowledge and skills that have been acquired are put into practice here.

All growth has its own timing

For us, the growth of plants and people are inextricably linked: Just as a seed needs rest, a seedling a protected environment, and a young plant a lot of light and water, so every person has different needs at his or her stage of development. We do our best to respond to this and to prioritize personal development. For some this means a lot of rest, for others a lot of encouragement, but for everyone room to be themselves and to develop further.

Our healthcare partners.

We work closely with various partners, of which Futuris Zorg & Werk is one of the larger parties. Futuris connects us to people with a distance to the labor market. They mediate in various processes, such as daytime activities or ‘back to work’ processes from municipalities and the UWV.

With a job coach from Futuris and work supervision from Phood Farm, everyone’s unique needs are met. For example, in addition to the daily supervision on the work floor, there are evaluation moments with the job coach to discuss personal progress and agreed learning objectives. For some this means a lot of rest, for others a lot of encouragement, but for everyone room to be themselves and to develop further.

We also work together with other partners, such as Unitio (forensic outpatient assistance), Eindhoven Doet (volunteer mediation) and Institute GAK (support for labor participation).

There are many possibilities at Phood Farm. Our most important condition to start working for us is a certain openness to learning. Learning about aquaponics, for example, or about healthy cooking, but also learning from each other and, above all, learning from your own challenges. If you want to know more about our working method and possibilities to help, please feel free to contact us.

Growing spots at Phood Farm!

This option is especially for those who want to reintegrate at Phood Farm at their own pace. For some this means to (re)start a paid job as soon as possible, for others it is more exploratory to see what really interests and makes you happy, and for others it is about moving emotionally, mentally or physically at your own pace. bounce back after a kickback.

Reviews from our participants