Phood Care

Helping each other towards a positive and creative solution. Naast gezondheid en duurzaamheid is zorgen voor elkaar en elkaars welzijn een belangrijke focus binnen Phood Farm. We are a social enterprise and offer people with a distance to the labor market opportunities for development and growth. Read more about care below.

Sustainable growth of people

At Phood Farm we care not only about sustainable growth of our plants, but just as much about ‘sustainable growth’ of people. This means that we want the best for everyone who walks through our doors. And in particular for the people who work for us. Phood Farm works with people who, for whatever reason, do not fully participate in society. This includes temporary absence from work to long-term difficulty participating in our often fast-paced and stimulating society. While working with our products, we simultaneously work on our own development!

How do we do that? Through a pleasant working environment, in which you are seen and can be yourself, and are given space to grow. All our work supervisors have extensive experience with their own personal development and in the professional field. We employ a work supervisor, psychologist and Tai Chi Chi Kung coaches. The years of experience, knowledge and skills that have been acquired are put into practice here.

All growth has its own timing

For us, the growth of plants and people are inextricably linked: Just as a seed needs rest, a seedling a protected environment, and a young plant a lot of light and water, so every person has different needs at his or her stage of development. We do our best to respond to this and to prioritize personal development. For some this means a lot of rest, for others a lot of encouragement, but for everyone room to be themselves and to develop further. This could be in the form of volunteer work, a work experience placement, an internship during your studies, or in the form of daytime activities.

Our routes.

At Phood Farm we offer roughly two options to grow with us. One of these is ‘customized day care’, in which we work directly with our partner Futuris Zorg & Werk. If you need more intensive or more specialist guidance to return to work, this may be a program for you.

A second option is the so-called ‘basic daytime activities’, made possible by the municipality of Eindhoven. This is intended to offer all residents of Eindhoven who would benefit from this a place where they can participate, grow and flourish. No referral is necessary, just a willingness to learn and grow with others.

What can you expect when you start working with us?

  • Help and learn about sustainable, local food production.
  • A variety of tasks, tailored as much as possible to your skills and interests. Think of; sowing and maintaining indoor plants (aquaponics, microgreens, mushrooms), assisting in the kitchen to make healthy products, helping on the land and associated hygiene (i.e. cleaning).
  • Work guidance with experience in guiding people who need a little more attention or adjustment.
  • Weekly hour to share and brainstorm together about themes such as ‘letting go, personal qualities, achieving goals, health, etc’.
  • A healthy light lunch on your working days, prepared by and for the team.

Come and meet us!

If you are interested in helping out at Phood Farm, you can first come by and get acquainted. Please contact us first at [email protected] and we will make an appointment with you.

We will then schedule a trial half-day to really experience it, and if you like it, a short intake/official introduction will follow. The duration of your journey depends on your (growth) wishes and your possibilities. Such processes usually last between 3 months and a year.

By evaluating together occasionally, we keep an eye on your wishes and growth. When you are ready for the next step, the process stops. Of course, always in joint consultation.

Reviews from our participants