Welkom to the
Phood Fa(r)mily

Who is Phood Farm, what do we think is important and what do we stand for? A green future, where the healthy growth of plants and people is central. We would like to take you into our world.

Healthy eating, sustainable farming in the city.

Phood Farm is an aquaponic care farm and community farm in southeast Eindhoven. Here we grow vegetables, herbs, sprouts and mushrooms in a sustainable, ecological way. Both in and outside. Our mission is to keep the city healthy, which starts with what you sow, how you grow it and what you eat. We grow our products and deliver them hyper-locally, directly to the end consumer who wants to buy healthy, local and ecological vegetables directly from the ‘farmer’.

We produce hyper locally, using new technologies and an ecological system.

Our plants grow in different ways for different purposes. For example, within an Aquaponic care farm, we have one of the most innovative and sustainable ways of growing vegetables in places where it was not possible before. For example in (monumental) buildings, on roofs or in deserts.

In short, aquaponic farming is growing on water, where the nutrition comes from fish manure and is converted into usable plant food. The fish receive clean water from the plants in return, completing the circle in a self-regulating system. A very sustainable way of growing that uses up to 90% less water.

Wil je meer leren over aquaponics? Then become a community member or join our learning platform.

Sustainability is of paramount importance to us, which is why we opt for hyper-local production in the middle of the city that delivers directly to the end consumer, without any form of transport.

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What we don't grow indoors, we grow outdoors. Hand in hand with Mother Earth.

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Phood Care. Working together, learning, growing!

The second aspect and a great passion of ours is growing people. We believe that everyone deserves a chance at happiness, health and achieving their dreams. And we are happy to contribute to that.

We do this by providing a place for young people with a distance to the labor market (or vice versa ;)). They can work with us, learn and grow at their own pace and develop their own skills on one of our farms. We call it ‘soul gardening’.

You can also contact us if you are reintegrating, for example after (or even before!) a burnout. We also say ‘From your hands in the hair to your hands in the earth’.

Why care and how do we do that?

In that respect we are a “social enterprise” or in plain English a social enterprise; in this case a foundation. We strive to bring people back to themselves in a natural way. And through gardening, both internally and externally, we support everyone’s unique growth. On the floor we work with specialized work supervisors, psychologists and Tai Chi and Chi Kung coaches to guide your personal growth. We also work together with professional healthcare institutions and partners in healthcare. Futuris and Unitio are our care heroes in this! Would you like to learn more about the care options we offer? Click here and come and meet us without obligation.

Our core values.

In this way we combine our love and passion for health 360 degrees around: Emotional and mental health by facilitating care and growth for participants, volunteers, interns, community farmers and employees. Physical health by encouraging and actually growing healthy and responsible eating. In addition, working in nature according to Tai Chi principles is very beneficial for a healthy body and mind. At the core we stand for:
The new Phood
Create standard

By pioneering local, innovative,regenerative (urban) agriculture techniques.


With Phood Farm we form a bridge between nature and people, between city and countryside, between now and the future.

Vulnerable target groups inspire and help

We inspire vulnerable target groups and help them (re)discover their own strengths and qualities.

Meet the team.

Phood Farm was founded in 2019 by Sabine Feron, Tim Elfring, Liza Disselhorst, Robin Meulen and Roy Peeters . The five of them rolled up their sleeves and into the earth to (re)build a new “Phood standard,” each from his own expertise. With a heart for mother earth, a nourishing future, and a drive to bring people closer to each other and nature, this vision became reality seed by seed and more and more complete. The team now consists of 12 care participants, 40 of whom we have already mentored, 42 community farmers/shoppers and fantastic farm leads. Day by day, we grow ourselves and the world with pleasure and provide the city with the best, most nutritious vegetables and green the city with a purple edge.

Join the fa(r)mily!

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