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Stichting Phood Farm
Hugo van der Goeslaan 2-01
5613 LG Eindhoven
Noord-Brabant, Nederland


+31 (0)6 411 21 765

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The Community Farm is located 1.5 kilometers from the Caai, opposite Rielsedijk 71 in Eindhoven.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We usually harvest on Saturday and immediately pack the Phood Farm Boxes with fresh products. Can’t come by to pick up your vegetable package on Saturday between 12.30 and 3.00 pm? Then send us a message.  

We also offer the option to collect Phood Farm Boxes from friends or family, if you are not there for a week, for example. This way you can give your friends or family health as a gift!

Yes! You can also pick up your package ‘weekly’. Then you get a double portion of vegetable box.

Weekly you can also replenish your Farm Box with available vegetables from the land or additional products from Phood Kitchen, such as kombucha or broth. You can pay this on the spot when you pick up your Farm Box! 

The Phood Farm Box is completely plastic and packaging free. You take the crate with you every week and you hand in empty glass packaging, which we clean and use again! 

We process our overproduction in Phood Kitchen products, take it to the food bank or feed it to the piglets or give it back to nature!

That’s no problem. We ask for help, learning, connecting with each other and hands in the soil of the garden for 6 – 8 hours a month. A very pleasant and educational get-together. You can freely arrange these hours per month and we are flexible in this. If you can’t make it for a week, you can also catch up at another time. For example, you can come to help for 2 hours every week on Saturday morning or, for example, come every other week for 3 hours on Saturday or another day.

We have chosen to have the recurring payments completed via SEPA Direct Debit. You only need to enter your IBAN and details when registering and your payment will be processed weekly or annually without any effort.