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Stichting Phood Farm
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Our Community Farm is located 1.5 kilometers from our Aquaponic Farm on the Caai, on the Rielsedijk in Eindhoven.

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Great that you want to register! You can register below.

Community Farmer Subscription:

Community Shopper Subscription:

Certainly! We sell sample boxes, which are one-off boxes. You can choose whether you want to help out for a few hours and learn on the land. Then you will also receive a discount on your box. Or you can order a separate box.

Farmer trial box:

Shopper trial box:

Have you become enthusiastic? Then you can sign up for one of our subscriptions.

Community Farmer Subscription:

Community Shopper Subscription:

We deliver with our electric Biro within a radius of 4 km around the farms. You can easily select this with your order for €2.99 per delivery.

Where shall we start……

1. We combine technology with age-old principles!

Our vegetable box is unique because we use both aquaponic farming (indoors) and permaculture farming (outside on the land) and we combine ‘the best of both worlds’ 12 months a year in a unique, changing box. This way we keep the nutritional value optimal in every season and we offer as much variety as possible, which is often not available in stores.

You get in your box from the aquaponic farm: microgreens, lettuce and mushrooms. And weekly varying ‘better than organic’ products from the land. Completely pesticide-free and regeneratively grown. It is sustainable, healthy and fresh every day.

2. Endless inspiration from our kitchen!

Every month you will receive recipes from Phood Kitchen that match the harvest of the month.

You can also expect products in your box such as: kombucha, broths, pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, kimchi, pestos or sauces. Depending on season and production surplus.

3. You learn and inspire on our community platform .

Another additional benefit is that we have an online community platform (for subscription holders), on which we share all kinds of tips about the garden, extra recipes, and learn together about regenerative vegetable growing, growing ourselves and making healthy recipes.

4. You contribute to a more social world!

In our aquaponic farm we work with young people who are at a distance from the labor market. Here we reintegrate together and grow everyone in a personal and peaceful way. These wonderful young people, together with the community farmers, prepare the boxes and care for the plants. Seed by seed, we grow together towards a more beautiful, more inclusive society.

The Aquaponic Farm is not open to regular visitors. Visits can only take place by appointment or during guided tours. It is also possible to collect Farmbox products. If you are interested in visiting the Community Farm at Rielse, you can participate in a “farmer day” where you will receive a “farmer tasting box”.

We do not regularly work with volunteers, but we do have opportunities for involvement. To view the options for this, please contact Liza Disselhorst at [email protected] . We mainly work with community farmers and people with healthcare needs, so there may be other ways you can contribute to our project. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We currently have no vacancies, but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested! We encourage you to send an email to [email protected] without obligation with an introduction and your motivation. Liza will be happy to see what she can do for you. Who knows what the future will bring! We look forward to your message.

Awesome! For internship requests, please contact us via our Fa(r)mily page at [email protected] . Liza handles all requests and always looks at the options we can offer. Feel free to send a non-binding email to briefly introduce yourself and share your motivation. We look forward to getting to know you!

That sounds interesting and we are certainly open to interviews! Due to the large number of requests and limited time, we charge a fee of €15 per 15 minutes. Don’t worry, we make it easy for you! The interview can be scheduled online or you can visit us at a unique, cozy location. Let’s make it a fascinating conversation! Feel free to send an email to: [email protected] with your request and we will look at the options together.

What amazing! We look forward to meeting you. You can easily register via , where you will find an overview of our subscriptions and options that suit you. If you need help making a choice, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] . We are happy to help you! We look forward to seeing you on land soon!

We believe that love goes through the stomach, and we are happy to share how you can prepare a great meal with our beautiful products. However, please note that this is not included as standard on the tour. We do not work with a fixed menu, but we can collaborate with partner chefs (such as Phood Kitchen or Chef Erling) or healthy caterers. One thing is certain: with us you can immediately enjoy fresh and healthy dishes, straight from the land!

In the summer, when the weather is nice, we can have a lovely picnic on the land. You can also bring this yourself. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we can always go to our cozy canteen for a snack.

We can always look at options that suit your wishes and budget. Let’s discover together how we can make your experience with us unforgettable!

You can fill out the contact form on our tour page and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

Wow, thank you very much! At Phood Farm we strongly believe in mutual support, and there are several fun ways you can contribute. For example, you can purchase a vegetable box from us as a farmer or shopper. Or perhaps you would like to book a unique tour to discover our farm. And if you are interested in donation options, we are certainly open to that!

Would you like to make a donation? Awesome! Send an email to [email protected] without obligation and we will be happy to tell you more. Together we make a difference! Thanks for your support!

Great to hear that you are enthusiastic! We are currently located in Eindhoven, but we have big news! Within 2 years we will expand to a beautiful new location on the Caai, where we will have a permanent home base. Stay informed, because a lot of great things are about to happen!

We are always open to conversations, ideas and suggestions for new potential locations in your neighborhood or city. So if you have a brilliant idea, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] . Let’s schedule a conversation and explore the possibilities together! We look forward to hearing from you, because every neighborhood deserves a Phood Farm!