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Better than organic. See below an overview of the products we are currently growing both indoors on our aquaponic systems, in our brewing cabinets and mushroom grow tents, and outdoors in the field. You’ll find our products in our weekly Phood Farm Boxes. Hyperlocal, regenerative and pesticide-free grown with care for people and nature.

Onze producten.

Farm Boxen.


Farm 6h per month and pick your local vegetable box weekly. In het voorjaar vind je in de box een gevarieerde mix van: aquaponic sla, paddenstoelen, microgreens, kombucha of broth en verse landproducten.


Kies lokaal en ontvang wekelijks je verse groenten box. In het voorjaar vind je in de box een gevarieerde mix van: aquaponic sla, paddenstoelen, microgreens, kombucha of broth en Rielse landproducten.


Want to try the vegetable box once or even spend a day co-farming in the fields? You can do that every Saturday. The Phood Farm Box is 100% fresh, pesticide-free, natural and regeneratively grown

Aquaponic Greens.

Aquaponic Sla

Sla van de toekomst! Onze sla wordt dagvers geoogst of met de kluit meegegeven zodat de optimale voedingswaarde bewaard blijven. Ze bevat hierdoor 90% meer vitamine C dan sla uit de supermarkt.

Weekly in the farm box

Broccoli, radijs en rode kool. Because we bring these vegetables an early stage on tray, they are still bursting with vitamins,minerals and flavor. They carry the same health benefits in more compact form.

Weekly in the farm box

Pak choy, boerenkool, zonnebloem en erwt. Available fresh year-round on tray in a smaller form for use in salads, toppings and stir-fries. Packed with flavor, vitamins and minerals.

Weekly in the farm box


Shiitake / Oesterzwam

Onze stadszwammen uit Eindhoven zijn een mix van oesterzwam en shiitake. Ze groeien naast elkaar in onze city farm. Prachtige stevige paddenstoelen met een diversiteit aan smaak.

Weekly in the farm box

Kombucha & fermentatie.

Kombucha original

Є11.95 (0.5L)or Є19.95 (1L)

Puur & raw 100% biologische kombucha. No additives and not angled. Zoals het is, zoals het moet zijn. In-house brewed with care, for a healthy gut fiora.

For sale separately and in the farm box
Kombucha Scoby


Wil je zelf thuis (leren) kombucha brouwen? We sell our scoby’s in and beautiful 1.5l brew pot with starter liquid and easy do-it-yourself instructions.

Te koop op Phood Farm locatie

Learning content.


Available fall 2023.


Book one of our tour of our Aquaponic and Permacultur farms in the heart of Eindhoven. Learn all the ins and outs of growing vegetables, fish and other produce; “the Phood way.



Celebrate special moments by planting a (fruit) tree at various Phood Farm locations in the city!

Unique selling points.

Together we are growing toward a healthy green world. In which we care for each other and the earth. Our Phood Farm products are:

  • Hyper-local, regenerative and sustainably grown
  • Free from pesticides and fresh daily
  • Gegroeid met sociale impact